Pepperwood Gypsy Cobs

Pepperwood GypsyP Cobs 

    Western Australia 

Clononeen Blossom imp UK

Clononeen Little Dorrit  imp UK

Pepperwood Vogue
Our World Class Filly

Introducing "Pepperwood Vogue" Purebred Gypsy Cob Filly

Dam: Clononeen Little Dorrit imp
Sire: Hugo Boss imp
Colour results: TT, Ee, aa      Height: to mature over 15hh      PSSM & FIS: Negative
Owner: Lisa Archibald and Jason Bronze

A LONG-awaited foal from Clononeen Little Dorrit imp
A very special team of reproduction experts worked tirelessly over 6 years to get a successful pregnancy from our beautiful imported mare

“Clononeen Little Dorrit” (aka Pip the Pintopottomus).

We imported Pip only to find out after many failed attempts that she had severe cervical lacerations and extensive damage to her uterine horn from a previous foaling in the UK that was not disclosed to us on her purchase and made it impossible for her to carry a pregnancy to term.  After 5 years trying our only remaining option was ET – Embryo Transfer, but even then, we were warned we only had a 25% chance of success due to the amount of scar tissue Pip had formed. Getting Pip pregnant was challenging, however successfully flushing an embryo with the extensive damage to her cervix and uterine horn was almost impossible until our reproductive experts invented a double balloon catheter to help seal the scar tissue from allowing the embryo and any additional fluid to escape.

Then after 5 attempts over another 2 years, SUCCESS ….and finally we have our adored filly “Pepperwood Vogue” who is everything we could have wished for and so much more.

Vogue is such a character and very much a traditional cob. Built like a tank with a leg in each corner already, she is going to be one big powerhouse of a girl.

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